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At GRG Wireless we offer Sprint’s mobile devices and wireless business solutions to companies in the area. Contact us today to find out how you can save money and get great value with the best unlimited plans, smartphones, tablets and more! Plus, get access to smart and affordable wireless solutions that can help your business succeed.

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We put our customers’ interests before our own because doing the right thing always feels good.
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If we promise to do something, we do it.
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Customer Service

We help customers make better choices that positively affect their businesses.

Greg Gloede

Chief Executive Officer

San Clemente Friday Night Lights

San Clemente Friday Night Lights

CEO of GRG Wireless, Greg Gloede, is a volunteer head football coach for the San Clemente Friday Night Lights organization. He coaches kids age 8 to 10, and his team finished third in the state for Southern California in 2018.  
NJB Basketball League

NJB Basketball League

Greg Gloede is also a volunteer coach for the NJB Basketball League in San Clemente, California, where he coaches kids age 8 to 10. As an athlete and Iowa State Football Letterwinner, Greg understands the importance of sports and exercise and how they can positively impact a young child’s life.