Join the GRG Wireless Team

When hiring new business wireless consultants, we look for outgoing individuals who are willing to go outside their comfort zone and are not afraid to fail. Showing up on time and ready to work is a must! We want team members who consistently strive to reach their full potential, are organized, and who can overcome objections. Previous sales experience is a plus, however, it is not a requirement. As long as employees are coachable, we provide training on different sales systems and techniques, as well as customer service. If you’re interested in a telecom career with GRG Wireless, apply for a position today!

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At GRG Wireless, Family Comes First

Located in Southern California, the environment at GRG Wireless is pretty laid back. Sure, we’re easy going, but we’re also demanding. We hold our employees accountable - in a good way. This means if you put in the work and you’re meeting your goals, it’s perfectly okay to take a long lunch or leave a little early on occasion. We understand many of our employees have families at home, and we believe that family should always come first. To promote a family friendly work environment, we’re flexible with employees’ schedules when they need to come in a little late or leave a little early to pick up or drop off their kids, attend an athletic event or school function, or care for a sick child at home.