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Premier Wireless is a Sprint Authorized Business Dealer serving the State of Texas and beyond. We provide wireless mobility and telecommunication solutions to construction, transportation and service companies, government agencies, K–12 and higher education, enterprise and SMB companies. Our portfolio of wireless solutions includes mobile device management, GPS solutions, electronic forms, disaster recovery, and much more! We also provide the procurement, implementation and deployment of smartphones and tablets.   We partner with business owners and office/facility managers to provide reliable service for employees’ mobile devices and more.

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About Premier Wireless

Wireless networking solutions increase productivity, encourage information sharing, and can greatly affect a company’s operations. Premier Wireless partners with small to medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and government agencies. We help companies use the latest mobile technologies to improve communications, reduce operating expenses, and make better business decisions using real-time data.

Small businesses have unique needs, preferring more scalable, affordable, and easy-to-manage wireless solutions. They can leverage the same mobile applications and communication tools that large corporations use, while benefiting from Sprint’s cost-effective SaaS pricing.

Large enterprise and government accounts require more devices, applications, bandwidth, and network speed to accommodate employees’ daily operations . We help large organizations adapt the latest innovations and market-leading solutions, and have deployed as many as 10,000 devices to a single customer. 

We’re quick to respond and make things happen because when it comes to your business, details matter!

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